Welcome to Magaliesberg Canopy Tours®

Situated in the heart of the Magaliesberg Mountains, only 1 - 1½ hours drive from Gauteng, at the renowned Sparkling Waters Hotel & Spa. The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour® is a unique eco-adventure that takes you on a journey through the ecology and geology of the second oldest mountain range in the world - estimated to be 2,400 million years old. 11 platforms have been constructed high against the rock faces of the spectacular Ysterhout Kloof (a nature wonderland carved out of the mountainside over millions of years), joined by 10 cabled slides up to 140 metres long and in places 30 metres above the canopy floor.

The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour® resembles a Tarzan and Jane style adventure that essentially involves sliding from platform to platform in zig-zag formation across the top of Ysterhout kloof, while stopping at each platform to admire the expansive views and surrounding ecology. Two trained guides accompany each tour ensuring your safety while, at the same time, keeping you entertained with interesting facts about the history of the range and its protected Fauna and Flora. Read More »


"We recently enjoyed your canopy tour. I am sure many of your clients respond positively to the experience. Safety and environmental concerns are non-negotiable and should draw favourable responses from most of your patrons. I would like to single out two other aspects: Course construction is superb. Optimal benefit is extracted with little impact on the resource itself. The planning that must have gone into the course design is highly appreciated. The customer care provided by our two guides Mike and Calvin was really exceptional. Congratulations to their mentors. Such dedication bodes well for the future of your endeavour."

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